Drink more tea! Meditate! Go outside! Don’t be afraid to take care of your mental health! Learn about the plants in your yard! Consume with intention!

Rebel herbal is a botanical product line designed with the intention to assist you on a radical healing journey: the one to your authentic self. Each product is handcrafted from organic, ethically wild-harvested, and/or locally produced ingredients as much as possible. We keep a positive environment in the medicine kitchen, preventing negative vibes from entering the energy of your goods.

I’m Candice, the creator of Rebel Herbal and your Intuitive Herbalist. On my own journeys to wellness I have discovered that life is made richer when I strengthen my Spirit and align my thoughts and actions with a very simple purpose: being the best version of myself every day. What you find here is available in the spirit of this purpose.

We believe and put into practice HOLISTIC healing, which means to treat a human BE-ING as an entire system of its own - one where the body’s ills and those of the mind and spirit are inseparable. A beautiful example of this truth is that when a person seeks treatment for physical pain, it often leads to a release of the emotions fear, frustration, and sadness. This goes both ways, and no matter where you choose to start or pick up on your own journey, whether with an elixir for a physical imbalance, a ritual oil for making magick, or vibrational medicine to help clear mental and emotional debris, the Rebel Herbal products you select are there to help you return to Wholeness.

The process of healing is lifelong, and it is through these acts of self-care that we emerge aligned with our purpose of being our best selves. This is the nature of the Rebel - being you exactly as you were born to be - fulfilled, integrated, well. In this position nothing and no one can stop you, change you, or diminish your power.

We are so excited to share with you the healing powers of the plants, and the messages they have to give. Use the form below to ask any questions you may have.

Yours in the Rebellion,

Candice - Creator of Rebel Herbal

Disclaimer: Rebel Herbal and its associates / affiliates are (in most cases) NOT trained medical doctors. We are educators. As such, we will not claim to diagnose, cure, or treat new or existing medical conditions. We will tell you what has worked for others based on observations in clinic and our own research reviews.


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