Intuitive Herbalism: A Path to Your WHOLE Self

Think of me as a your guide on a journey.

Imagine we’re in the mountains together, and you have come with me to get some exercise for your body and to clear your mind of its heavy anxieties. You don’t know until you show up that I’m taking you to a secret spring flowing cold and clear from deep within the Earth. From this spring you drink and are revitalized. The water is rich with minerals and pours out as if it is an offering to you, from your first mother. I drink with you, and we are in communion - with each other, with the Earth who provides everything we need, and with the spirit energies constantly alighting our path.

In this visualization, I am showing you something - a way to the source of who you are, a way to acquire what you need to stand fully in the nature of your truest self. I am not the water that heals and hydrates you, I am not the path taking you there. I am but the guide introducing you to both, maybe for the first time.

This is how I approach healing as an intuitive herbalist.

I work with open-minded individuals who have found themselves stuck, stagnate, unfulfilled, or imbalanced, and unable to move forward toward whatever they want to create. The causes are many and often disguised - but they manifest as anxiety, addiction, pain, attention difficulties, relationship issues, recurring or chronic infections, decreased libido, isolation, anger, lack of inspiration, dis-ease, injury, financial insecurity, and creative blocks.

My own journey to becoming an intuitive herbalist originated with me being a person full of pain, innumerable states of physical dis-ease and unhealthfulness, destructive habits, and mental anguish. Along the way I have met healers from diverse modalities and traditions who have each been a guide to me discovering a new part of myself that was hidden behind a sickness or thought pattern. Healing those parts and integrating them with the rest of my being allowed my truest self to more fully express itself, and thus here I am, ready to be of service to you, as a guide along your own way.

If you are experiencing something like this and have found me on your search, I trust that it is no accident.

So what exactly does Intuitive Herbalism mean?

Intuitive herbalism blends the knowledge and skills I have acquired during formal education (please see my bio page) with spiritual tools such as tarot, prayer, and shamanic journeying, to bring the hidden needs of the spirit to the surface. These tools are allies to navigating elements of our unconscious selves that are generally rather difficult to access, and are not intended to divine the future.

Sessions are conversational and relaxed. We ebb and flow together, creating a rhythm like footsteps on your favorite trail. I will prepare an herbal tea for us to share, and may ask you to shuffle cards or recite your favorite prayer. I will ask about your physical health, including how you eat, how often you poop, and whether you are taking supplements or medications, or working with other practitioners for your well-being. We will talk about you and all your parts so that you leave with a deeper knowing of your WHOLE, best self.

You will also leave with suggestions for herbal formulas, nutritional recommendations, lifestyle changes, and spiritual or creative practices, all to support you on your journey like a trusted pair of walking sticks on a new trail. You’ll have the option to obtain a unique to you in-depth assessment and wellness plan that will serve as your personalized, easy to follow guide to totality.

Interested but still not sure if this is the right way for you?

Here are a few examples of clients I work well with.

  • Healers who are burned out, sick, or have lost their passion

  • Herbalists who need an herbalist

  • Individuals who aspire to start businesses but are trapped in fear or sickness

  • People experiencing chronic fatigue or autoimmune disorders

  • Folks recovering or still suffering from addiction

  • Couples experiencing sexual challenges or infertility

  • Anyone trapped in physical pain

The most important quality you must possess in order to receive the most from our sessions is an open mind. We are all a little limited by our own realities, but it is imperative that you are willing to try new things and receive insights that may seem a bit of the ordinary for you. Not to worry though - I’ve got your back through any challenges that arise.

Herbal formulas are custom blended specifically for you, and most of the time are available from my apothecary. There are times when suggested items are only available at a retail location outside of my space.

Read my timeline to learn about my professional and personal experiences, or send an email with any questions you have. It would be an honor to walk with you as your intuitive herbalist.