Timeline of Awesomeness

When’s the last time you looked at your timeline?

Footbridge in the rhododendron forests of Southwestern Virginia.

Making a visual representation of all the awesome things you’ve done in your life is a sure-fire way to boost your self esteem. It reminds you of the stuff you probably forgot about when you were so busy thinking about how lame your life is, or how you never do anything cool, or how impossible it feels to get this next big thing off the ground. Your timeline is an incredible tool to keep handy for any time you’re feeling kinda sad and sorry for yourself, or struck by a terrible fear of failure/success that’s preventing you from moving forward.

I’ve decided to share my own timeline to motivate you to create yours, and also because potential customers and prospective clients need to know who I am - what I’ve done and where I’ve been - so that they trust what I’m putting out in the world, and understand why I’m asking them to trust ME.

So without further ado, welcome to my Timeline of Awesomeness, beginning in 2005, at the age of 22.

  • Graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University - B.A. Political Science, Minor Developmental Psychology (Can you believe the Poli Sci part??!!)

  • Moved to Eugene, Oregon - Drove from Virginia to Utah, then California, then Oregon, with my pet ferret and a Peace Lily

  • Met my first herbalist, Candace Hunter of the Practical Herbalist, who became my first herbal teacher. Kept on meeting herbalists everywhere, and becoming tight with them, started learning more about herbalism.

  • Worked for an environmental non profit, Cascadia Wildlands.

  • Drove from Oregon to Virginia with my cat, Griffyn.

  • Drove from Virginia to Arizona, where I moved to study herbalism at SWIHA. Made amazing lifelong friends and began building community.

  • Started The Growing Project, LLC, which is the parent company of Rebel Herbal.

  • Interned with Katie Hess, creator of Lotus Wei which is the most incredible line of flower powered pampering you’ll ever find.

  • Wrote a paper on herbal contraceptives, which you can read here.

  • Spoke about using Arizona native plants and Vitamin D deficiency to the Arizona Herb Association (seriously there were like 75 people in that room - it was nuts).

  • Received a certification in Western Herbalism - 600 hours of plant science, pathology, physiology, life coaching, and more.

  • Worked for my teacher, JoAnn Sanchez, who created and directs the herbalism program at SWIHA. For her I was an assistant instructor, editor (2 editions of 4 academic texts), curriculum creator, student supervisor (for a 6 month stewardship project that included: ethics of wildharvesting, ethnobotany, field studies, and meditative practices).

  • Worked at Desert Sage Herbs which is my home herb shop. Retail work is fast paced client work at its best and I recommend it to any herbalist coming out of school who wants to get familiar as heck with plant medicine and Latin binomials, quickly.

  • Had a small clinical practice for 5 years, working with clients to heal infertility, autoimmune diseases, acne, adhd, and more.

  • Moved to Austin, where I saw clients and sold products, gave lectures at corporate lunch and learns and local holistic fairs.

  • Hiked 600 miles of the Appalachian Trail over 7 weeks. During this time I got involved in an intimate relationsihp with Appalachian plants, using Solomon’s Seal to treat pain issues and Plantain for blisters and infections, as well Dandelion in its entirety as an amazing food source. You can read my trail journal here.

  • Traveled down the West Coast where I was a doula at a close friend’s home labor, was interviewed on Real Herbalism Radio (listen here!), worked with some green plants in Northern California, and took a Greyhound from Sacramento to Phoenix (never do that).

  • Got a job as a demo rep turned account manager turned business development leader for Watusee Foods, where I pretty much hustled chickpeas all over the US. Still the best hiking food I’ve had. Got our product into Kroger!

  • Broke my tailbone and my literal foundation was razed to the ground in what turned out to be one of those pivotal spiritual moments that changed me forever by forcing me to face myself and REBUILD.

  • Started Rebel Herbal, and flopped. But didn’t quit it.

  • Got Wilderness First Aid Certified - one of the most amazing trainings I’ve ever done.

  • Had a full year of healing from addiction, emotional abuse, and inner child stuff, while living with my little brother and creating a beautiful new adult bond with him. This entire time was hard as hell but so important and special.

  • Moved back to Arizona! Did not drive - I flew to Vancouver to visit a friend and her newborn, then to Phoenix, with 3 suitcases and a pack full of all my hiking gear and my Vitamix (duh).

  • Got a job in sales, which taught me more than I ever could have imagined about myself regarding money, confidence, ability, determination, and perseverance. It also taught me how to consult business owners, which is incredibly useful in my work now.

  • Saved a bunch of money and took a leap of faith by quitting that job and working full time on my passions (what you’re seeing here, basically).

  • Started the Arizona Herbalist’s Coalition, a community resource for herbal practitioners and businesses to get professional development, academic advancement, and self-care advice, and to contribute to Stewardship of land and indigenous wisdom.

And so here I am, doing this thing here on Rebel Herbal. I mean of course there are a whole bunch of other awesome events I could add to this timeline, but sometimes it’s good to keep it focused. If you find yourself in a slump though, go ahead and write out as thorough and detailed a timeline as you can, and review it often.

Now it’s your turn =)